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The bobNetwork is a network of professional Bengalis in the UK. It is a not for profit organisation with no political or religious bias.

Our Background

At present the UK has a population of about half a million Bengalis. The first generation Bengalis tended to maintain close contact with each other and Bangladesh as they established themselves in the UK. To this day, they continue to maintain this informal contact and provide a sense of community through local community associations, mosques and other such organisations.

The last few years has seen the second generation establishing itself in the British society, excelling in education and progressing to professional jobs both in the private and public sectors. However there is an ever growing vacuum among these people who are increasingly feeling the distance and seclusion from their local communities. the bobNetwork was formed in 1999 to provide these professionals with an opportunity to meet like-minded people from similar backgrounds to exchange ideas and discuss issues prevalent to the group.

Our immediate objectives are:

  • To provide a network for the ever increasing number of Bengali professionals in the UK
  • To be a platform for its members to discuss issues affecting them, in areas of business, education and culture, both in the UK and Bangladesh
  • To organise social and cultural activities for its members

As we continue to grow and develop we intend to:

  • Be an influential voice for the Bengali community in the UK
  • Develop relationships with organisations and government agencies to promote and harness the opportunities both in the UK and Bangladesh
  • Play an active role in maintaining the cultural significance of being Bengali


04 May 2006

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